Kumho Tire that aspires to be the Beautiful Company that flies into the future with the nature is proactively leading the environmental friendly management, environmental friendly product, green marketing, environmental friendly process improvement and social contribution activity to realize the sustainable environmental friendly enterprise for the 21st century.

ECO Global Big 3
in the Tire industry
Correspond to environment regulation of leading countries
Develop/sell environmental friendly product
Save/improve efficiency of energy
Complete social responsibility
Realization of sustainable environment friendly enterprise in 21st century
Throughout all tire process and improvement management activity
    Reduce use of raw material Research environment- friendly raw/sub material Environment control of Partner companies.
    Manage air/water pollutants Reduce waste and recycle Invest in environment Facility improvement Environment friendly Process improvement
    Develop/sell environment- friendly product Collect tire waste/recycle
Environment overall initiatives

Establish EMS and LCA (in connection with DFE, EPE and LCC), EL certification, etc.


Kumho Tire is focused on being the environmentally friendly enterprise in both system and product aspects for ‘Environment Protection’ which is the key word of the 21st century, and is realizing the ‘World Class Environment Enterprise’.

System aspect

Environment management system (ISO 14001) certification

As the pioneer in the domestic tire industry, Kumho Tire has obtained ISO 14001 certification on September 1, 1996 and is turning into an environment-friendly enterprise with the goal of improving the environmental effect that occurs in all production activity and service of the enterprise.

What is IOS 14001?
It is the international standard established with the focus on environment preservation activities. This is the environment management system that assures that the company is operating an environment friendly system that the customer can trust.

Product aspect

LCA establishment

With the LCA system, Kumho Tire quantitatively analyzes and evaluates the environmental effect consumed and exhausted in the life cycle to not only minimize the effect to the environment but also to proactively use the results to the development of environmentally friendly product.

제품 측면 설명
제품 측면 설명

Environmental labeling (EL) certification

Kumho Tire acquires Nordic Eco label of North Europe and domestic environment label certificate to eight products demonstrating the first eco-friendly company in the tire industry. We will continue to develop new materials of low pollution and eco-friendly next generation green tire with extreme excellent fuel efficiency

환경마크(TYPE1) 인증(국내/해외)
Environmental label (TYPE I) certification : Domestic/Overseas

Acquired Korea’s first Environmental label certificate to car, truck and bus tire products executed by the ministry of environment with strict test analysis and fair investigation of foreign test agency and specialists.

탄소성적표지 인증 (국내)
Carbon report mark certification : Domestic

With the carbon report mark certification, we become Korea's first tire company certified for its greenhouse gas emission amount during the whole process.

Green gas reduction performance certification

온실가스 감축실적 인증(국내)
Green gas emission reduction performance certification

We have become Korea's first tire company registered and certified for its greenhouse gas emission reduction performance, participating in the government‘s low carbon and green growth campaign


Kumho Tire is doing the best for environmental improvement and management by establishing the environment protection system throughout the full process of raw material selection and transportation, product production, customer product use and disposal etc. Based on the results of the environment management activity mentioned above, Kumho Tire with collection facility and waster water treatment facility, has achieved the performance of maintaining 50% of legally permitted air pollution level and 10% of legally permitted water pollution level.

Raw material
  • Reduce amount of raw material used
  • Research and develop environmentally friendly raw/sub material
  • Environment management of partner companies
Product production
  • Air/water pollution management
  • Waste reduction and recycling
  • Environment facility improvement investment
  • Environmentally friendly process improvement
Use and disposal
  • Weight and noise reduction
  • Fuel efficiency and abrasion performance improvement
  • Application of hazardous material replacement
  • Waste tire collection and processing/ recycling


With the goal of improving the human life, Kumho Tire, focusing on sustainable management, is participating in various social contribution activities including visiting neighbors where the environment protection is neglected and local volunteering activities.

One company, One mountain, One River Cleaning Campaign
Frequency : Once every two months Target : Hwangrong River, Sumjin River, Mt. Eudeong, Mt. Dongak etc. Participants : About 30 people Content: Waste removal work and environment cleaning campaign advertisement
Local resident children’s environment drawing contest
The drawing contest informs the social responsibility for precious life and environment protection. This is sponsored by Kumho Tire and supported by Gwangju City to award the selected drawings.
Plant surrounding environment pollution survey
  • Air pollution survey (Once a year)
  • Stream pollution survey (Four times a year)
  • Surrounding noise level survey (Four times a year)
  • Surrounding odor measurement (Once a year)
Local resident free tire check service
The Gwangju Plant of Kumho Tire provided free tire check service to the local residents at the front parking lot during spring and fall. The service provided were air pressure check and spare tire check etc., and received positive response from the residents.
Local resident plant visit
Drive society contribution activity for all teams/by branch Frequency: Once a month (Environment cleaning activity: 61 events)
Construction of environmental part at Gooksung Plant
By constructing a park (grass, trees, deer, fish pond) near the waster water treatment facility at Gooksung Plant, it creates a place for all employees to rest and also it is used as an open environment education site by inviting student and residents in the local area.
Environment product exhibition participation
Kumho Tire participates in various environment product exhibitions every year including exhibitions sponsored by Ministry of Environment from 1999. Participating item: EL Mark certified product (PCR,TBR), UHP, Hybrid, Run-Flat Tire etc.