New Value System at Kumho Tire

Provide customers with safety and convenient mobility through new technology and solution
Vision 2025 : Mobility Business Partner
  • - Business Goal : 3.8 billion USD Sales Revenue and 8% Operational Profit
  • - Product Goal : Tier 1 Level Core Technology & Tier 2 Top-level Product Competitiveness
  • - Growth Driver : Innovation into a Mobility Business Partner
Talent Award
An exceptional talent with unparalleled expertise and competitiveness, excelling in the given roles & responsibilities to lead future endeavors.
Customer First
Customer First
Creative Innovation
Passion and Devotion
Passion and
Empathy and Cooperation
Empathy and


The reason for Kumho Tire's existence, which is intuitive and easy to understand.

Provide customers with safety and convenient mobility through
new technology and solution
Brand New Driving
  • • Futuristic new product
  • • Broaden definition of technology
  • • Service convergence
  • • Optimized solution
  • • Enhanced customer experience value
  • • Identify customer needs
  • • Product comfort
  • • Service convenience
  • • Core value of Kumho Tire


The Reflection and Goal of Kumho Tire in 2025

Mobility service created by Kumho employees + External customers experiencing the service
Efficient business mind + Comfort product + Automated service
Business expansion through Mobility and Mobility Streamline Service New business model / Business diversification
Business and life-time partnership built on trust

Core Value

Defining Kumho Tire's values as an expression of will and action

Providing the best quality and solution by placing our minds and actions focused on customer value
Challenge new possibilities and stay committed to the end, so that produce outputs
Lead the future, realize innovation, and pursue changes with an open mind
Passion and
Work-life balance by becoming an expert through continuous exploration and devotion
Empathy and
Happy and healthy workplace through communication, cooperation, and mutual respect

2010’s Expansion in the global market

Kumho Tire has completely focused on the development of “products that customers desire” from the planning stage to the development stage, as can be seen in the case of launching Majesty SOLUS, a premium tire, and Eco-Wing S, an eco-friendly tire. Through an honest communication with customers through SNSs like Facebook and Twitter, the company has made efforts to reflect customers’ needs into its products and services proactively. In May 2011, TORRO, the mascot of the company was created and has been loved very much since then. As the social accountability of businesses has been highlighted ever more, the company has practiced social contribution activities in diverse sectors around the world, such as the Pink Ribbon campaign and sponsor for child education.

  • 2018

    Supplied BMW X3 OE tires

    Supplied Volkswagen Atlas OE tires

    Doublestar completes Kumho Tire acquisition

    Held the Kumo Tire Vision Proclamation Ceremony

    Signed technology export deal with Pakistan;s Century Engineering Industries

    Ranked No.1 in Korea’s Customer Satisfaction Index(KCSI) for 14 consecutive years, passenger car tire category

  • 2017

    CRUGEN HP71 received the Red Dot Design Award

    Official tire sponsored with Hyundai Avante Cup Motorsport

    Received the IDEA Award

  • 2016

    Opening of Georgia Plant, US

    Sponsoring on Tottenham Hotspur and Olympique Lyonnais

  • 2015

    Decided a relocation of the Nanjing factory

    Agreement on OEM supply for Yokohama Rubber

    Supplied Dodge Viper OE

    Ecsta Racing Team’s all-around victory on CJ Superrace

    Gold Prize on North American Event Technology Award

  • 2014

    Negotiated a contract for technical cooperation with the Yokohoma Rubber Co., Ltd.

    Launched the Kumho Tire 'Ecsta Racing Team‘

    Selected for the Quality Award at the Renault Group Supplier Awards

    Supplied BMW 3 Series OE

  • 2013

    Implementation of 'tire wear lifespan mileage warranty' in Korea

    World first to launch tires with RFID (for passenger cars)

    Hosted KLPGA Kumho Tire Women’s Open

    Construction of Kumho Tire central research institute

    Supplied Mercedes Benz G Class OE

  • 2012

    Launched Eco Tire ‘ecowing S’

    Held new product release announcement in Asiana Airline’s hangar in 2012

    Started the Pink Ribbon Campaign

    Kumho Tire ranked No.1 in Korea’s Customer Satisfaction Index (KCSI) for eight consecutive years (Passenger car tire category)

    Kumho Tire ranked No.1 in Korean Net Promoter Score (KNPS) for five consecutive years (Passenger car tire category)

    Kumho Tires supplies original equipment (OE) tires to BMW GPⅡ

  • 2011

    Kumho Tires is top-ranked in Korea's Customer Satisfaction Index (KCSI) for seven consecutive years, passenger car tire category.

    Kumho Tire is top-ranked in Korean Net Promoter Score (KNPS) for four consecutive years, passenger car tire category.

    Kumho Tires enters into sponsorship agreement with Hamburger SV.(HSV)

    Participated the Seoul Motor Show in 2011 (Exhibited Ghost Car)

    TTORHO Character was created

  • 2010

    The 50th anniversary of its foundation

    Kumho Tires ranked No. 1 in Korea's Customer Satisfaction Index (KCSI) for six consecutive years, passenger car tire category

    Released the premium tire ‘Majesty SOLUS’

    Officially opened SNS(Twitter, Facebook)

2000’s Joining the World Class tire manufactures

Kumho Tires has established the Korea’s first APU manufacturing facility in Pyeongtaek, tire history museum, and TirePro shops as a global corporation with high confidence. Kumho Tires is also contributing to the society with environment friendly management activities. Superior quality of products has been certified since the year of 2000 by participating Auto GP, Master’s official tires, and many other various motor sports events with winning awards. Such activities have become the foundation of enhancing R&D, distribution, and marketing activities to begin the new era as a global company.

  • 2009

    Kumho Tires ranked No. 1 in Korea's Customer Satisfaction Index (KCSI) for five consecutive years, passenger car tire category

    Kumho Tires supplies OE truck tires to Benz (first among Korean tire manufacturers)

  • 2008

    Kumho Tires supplies original equipment (OE) tires to Ford, USA

    Construction of Kumho Tires' central research center

    Construction of Kumho Tires' factory in Vietnam completed

    Kumho Tires obtains the TSO certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

    Tire Pro opens in China

  • 2007

    Developed a prototype of F1 tires

    Construction of the Changchoon Plant in China completed

    Kumho Tires for aircraft of civil aviation obtains KTSO certificate

    Plant in Vietnam to process natural rubber opens

    Construction of Nanjing TBR (Truck and Bus Radial) plant begins

    Kumho Tires supplied to Benz for use on passenger cars (first among Korean firms)

    Global management system ERP built

    Kumho Tires enters into sponsorship agreement with Manchester United Football Club

  • 2006

    Kumho Tires' sales entity established in China

    Construction of Vietnam factory starts

    Kumho Tires develops world's first 32" UHP tires

    Kumho Tires develops world's first 32" UHP tires

    Construction of Tienjin (Chinga) Plant completed

    Kumho Tires opens Tire History Museum, Korea's first museum of its kind

  • 2005

    Kumho Tires wins 1 Billion Dollar Export Trophy on Trade Day

    Ground breaking ceremony for the construction of research center in China (KCTC)

    Kumho Tires listed on the Korean stock exchange and London stock exchange at the same time, first among Korean firm

  • 2004

    Kumho Tires wins 800 Million Dollar Export Trophy on Trade Day, first among Korean tire manufacturers

    Kumho Tires obtains ISO/TS16949 certificate

    Kumho Tires designated as an Advanced Technology Center (ATC)

    Kumho Tires obtains EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), first among Korean tire manufacturers

  • 2003

    Kumho Tires selected as official tire supplier to the F3 Euro series

    Kumho Tires designated as a company with a good competitive edge in quality (6 consecutive years)

    Kumho Tires Pyeongtaek Plant (APU) constructed

    Kumho Tires ranked 9th among global tire manufacturers

    Kumho Tires spins off from parent company, Kumho Industry Co., Ltd.

  • 2002

    Kumho Tires obtains North Europe Nordic Swan label certificate (first among tire manufacturers)

    Kumho Tires selected as official tire supplier to the Marlboro Masters Formula 3

  • 2001

    Kumho Tires receives the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustry e.V) certificate

    Extension of KATC (Kumho American Technical Center) completed

  • 2000

    Kumho Tires nominated as official tire supplier to the International Formula 3's Korea Super Prix

    Six Sigma introduced

1990s A Decade of Technology, Development and Restructuring

Kumho Tires established Research Institute and Global R&D center in Akron, U.S.A. and in Europe, respectively. Starting from 1990, research on racing tires, the world’s fourth Run-flat tires, and the world’s first 32” Ultra high performance (UHP) tires were developed. Throughout this technological development period, today’s Kumho Tires are founded. In addition, a manufacturing facility was constructed in Nanjing, China to establish global production system as a Global Tire Brand.

  • 1999

    Kumho Tires receives environment mark certificate (first among Korean tire manufacturers)

    The Automatic Production Unit (APU) developed

    Kumho Tires develops run-flat tires (fourth among tire manufacturers in the world)

    Kumho Construction becomes part of Kumho Tires and trade name is changed to Kumho Industry Co. Ltd.

  • 1998

    Kumho Tires obtains QS 9000 certificate

  • 1997

    Kumho Tires receives a certificate for offering superb after-sales services (first among Korean tire manufacturers)

  • 1996

    Trade name changed into Kumho Tires Co., Ltd.

    Kumho Tires certified to ISO 14001

  • 1994

    Kumho Tires certified to ISO 9001

  • 1992

    Kumho Tires joins Top 10 tire manufacturers in the world

  • 1990

    KATC (KUMHO America Technical Center) established

1980s A Decade of Growth

On the 17th Day of Export in Korea in 1980, Kumho Tires was the only company that marked USD 100 million of exported goods. Only Kumho Tires acquired the approval certification from GM Motors to equip tires manufactured from Korea for exporting vehicles overseas. Through the establishment of Central R&D center and Gokseong plant in 1974, Kumho Tires was able to focus on becoming a specialized company producing tires.

  • 1989

    Gokseong Plant: proving ground built

  • 1984

    Company awarded with grand prize for improved productivity

    Company merged with Kumho Industry Co., Ltd., and renamed Kumho Co., Ltd.

  • 1981

    Gwangju Central Research Center established

  • 1980

    Company won 100 million dollar export trophy

1970s Laying the Foundation for Growth

In 1970s, the Songjeong plant was constructed to overcome the limitations of manually operated facilities and to improve the quality of products for potential future growth. Kumho Tires officially started collaborations with one of the three largest tire manufacturers in America, Uniroyal Tire Co., Ltd, and succeeded in developing tires for combat planes for the first time in Korea as well. The technologies of manufacturing tires were improved and foundation of further development was established.

  • 1979

    Company awarded grand prize at the 5th Quality Management Award

  • 1976

    Company exceeded 1 million units in annual production in Korea

  • 1975

    Radial tires developed

    Tires for aircraft developed

  • 1974

    Construction of Gwangju plant completed

  • 1971

    Songjeong plant put in operation

1960s Founding Years

In 1960, Kumho Tires' history began with the first production of tires. The founder of Kumho Asiana Group, Incheon Park, had difficulties in securing qualified tires for his business named Gwangju Transportation Co., Ltd. Because of this, he decided to start manufacturing tires. At the time, they were able to produce only 20 tires a day. However, Kumho Tires now produces world-class tires in eight manufacturing facilities around the world. Kumho Tires started the first overseas business in Thailand in 1965.

  • 1966

    Company receives DOT mark based on regulations of the Ministry of Transportation, USA

    Company obtains KS mark

  • 1965

    Export to Thailand launched (worth USD 7,700)

  • 1961

    First tires produced

  • 1960

    Company Established