This policy applies to the original owner or user of any new tire manufactured by Kumho Tire.
Eligible tires must be used in vehicle with which they were originally installed according the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation

What is covered by the warranty and for how long

  • The new original usable tread has worn down to the remaining 1.6mm (2/32”) (i.e., worn down to the top of the built-in indicators in the tread grooves): before 6 years from date of manufacture for every passenger car Radial tire (whichever comes first), before 5 years from date of manufacture for every light truck and heavy duty truck tire (whichever comes first), any Kumho tire covered by this warranty becomes unusable due to a material or workmanship condition, Kumho will do either of the following.
    • - A credit will be given toward the purchase of a comparable new Kumho Tire in proportion to the original usable tread remaining on the returned to the original usable tread of the new tire. Applicable taxes on the new tire and costs of mounting and balancing service are payable by the owner.
    • - Adjustment on out-of-balance or out-of-round tires is allowed only during the first 10% of the original tread.

What is not covered by the warranty

  • Tire damage or irregular wear due to
    • - road hazards, such as punctures, cuts, snags, scuffs, carcass bruised, stone drill, or impact breaks
    • - improper inflation, overloading, high-speed spinning, improper mounting or demounting, running flat, off-road use, racing, vandalism, willful damage, or abuse
    • - improper use or operation without limitation, improper inflation pressure, over-loading, use of an improper rim, vehicle misalignment, tire/wheel assembly imbalance or other vehicle condition, worn suspension components, improper mounting or demounting, misuse, misapplication, fire or other externally generated heat, water, or other material trapped inside the tire during mounting tire alteration, improper inserting of sealant, balance, or filler materials
  • Any tire worn beyond tread-wear indicator ( 1.6mm or 2/32" tread remaining )
  • Tire branded “NA” (no adjustment) or “BLEM” (blemished)
  • Ride disturbance caused due to
    • - damaged wheels or flat spot
    • - after the first 10% tread wear
  • Tire used in racing-related activities or competitive events are not covered by this warranty.
  • Ozone or weather cracking on tires over 4 years from the date of manufacture.
  • Loss of time or use, inconvenience, or any incidental or consequential damage.