For decades, we have been a trusted OE partner in the United States and around the world. Our constant dedication to quality, reliability, and performance has made us one of the premier OE brands in the industry with thirteen automotive brands in the United States.

We have also expended our Road-Hazard Warranty to a majority of our Premium Fuel Program products including passenger, ultra-high performance, and light truck tire lines.

Our new dealer portal features a fresh new design that makes things easier and convenient for navigating premium fuel performance and marketing collaterals. All the support you will need to be a successful Kumho Premium Fuel Dealer is at your fingertips.

STEP 1 Fill out the enrollment form

A Kumho representative or distributor will assist in helping you fill out your Premium Fuel Enrollment form.

STEP 2 Get approved

Your Kumho representative or distributor will take care of getting you approved and confirmed.

STEP 3 Create a dealer portal login

Sign up on the Kumho Portal website by using your fuel ID to gain access to training, branding, Kumho store, and so much more.