Air pressure for your new Kumho tire should be set in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer`s specification if it`s the same as the size originally equipped on your vehicle. The vehicle manufacturer`s recommendation can usually be found in the owner`s manual, on the door jamb or in the glove compartment. Contact the vehicle dealer for more specific information about your car. Vehicle placard inflation would be the minimum recommended inflation by Kumho Tire.

The importance of maintaining the proper air pressure cannot be overstated. Under-inflation can lead to excessive heat build-up and structural stress and can cause a tire to fail. Over-inflation can cause uneven tire wear in the center portion of the tread pattern and can also lead to vehicle handling problems.

Do not check tire pressure after the vehicle has been operated because tires heat up, causing the air pressure to rise. Allow them to cool and then perform your check.
Check your spare tire as well. The proper air pressure for a spare is often different from the tires mounted on your vehicle. The proper air pressure for your spare should also be listed in your owner`s manual, door jamb or glove compartment.
Use a quality air gauge when checking the pressure (digital gauges are the most reliable) or have a professional service technician do the work for you.

Maintaining proper air pressure will also contribute to better fuel efficiency. So check, be safe and save!