• Q What is the correct tyre pressure for my car?

    The correct tyre pressure will be shown in one of three places – a label on the driver's side door frame, inside the glove box, or listed in the owner's manual. Tyre pressure specifications are meant for when the tyre is cold so if the vehicle has been driven or the tyre has been sitting in direct sunlight, the tyre pressure may read higher than the manufacturer's specification and should not be adjusted until the tyre is cold.

  • Q When should I rotate my tyres?

    Tyres should be rotated in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation. If no recommendation is shown in the owner's manual, tyres should be rotated every 10,000 kilometres.

  • Q How do I know the difference in tyre patterns – Asymmetric, Directional and Symmetric?

    Asymmetric – The tyre will have "Outside" printed on one side of the tyre and "Inside" printed on the other side. An asymmetric tyre will have differences in tread pattern design between the inside and outside of the tyre tread area, which necessitates proper mounting.

    Directional – A directional tyre will have an arrow and the word "Rotation," indicating the direction the arrow should roll when the vehicle is moving forward. If the arrow does not roll forward when the vehicle is moving forward, the tyre has been mounted improperly. Most directional tyres appear to have a "V" design to the tread.

    Symmetric – This is a standard tyre and will not have any of the above printed on the sidewall.

  • Q My tyres aren't wearing evenly. Why?

    This needs to be determined immediately by getting the tyres inspected by a Kumho dealer. If the irregular wear damage is due to inflation problems or mechanical wear such as alignment, the warranty is void.

  • Q How do I find my closest Kumho dealer?

    The easiest way to find your closest Kumho stockist is to use our dealer locator. 

  • Q What is Kumho’s Road Hazard Warranty?

    Offering peace of mind coverage against potholes, gutter bumps and hitting objects on the road, the Kumho Road Hazard Warranty protects your tyres against damage due to road conditions. Available on our range of ultra-high performance tyres from as little as $3.95RRP per tyre.

    Click here for more information on how to protect your investment

  • Q What is Kumho’s Mileage Warranty?

    Kumho's ‘no worries’ mileage warranty means that if your 4WD or SUV tyres don’t last as long as they should, you don’t pay for the miles missed.  Our Road Venture APT KL51 tyres come with an 80,000km mileage warranty, and the Kumho Road Venture SAT KL61 comes with a 60,000km guarantee. Click here for more information on how to register for our mileage guarantee.

  • Q Why can’t I find my tyre size?

    At Kumho we strive to provide a wide range of tyre sizes and products to suit a variety of needs. Sometimes we may not be able to provide every size variation, however, we make sure that our range is constantly reviewed and updated and can often stock tyres that aren’t displayed on our website. If you can’t see your tyre on our website, we recommend contacting your closest Kumho tyre dealer with your enquiry and they’ll find the right tyre for your needs.