The history of Kumho Tire began in the year of 1960 by the first production of tires. Please take a look at Kumho Tire’s development story to understand how we have become one of the top 10 global tire manufacturers with endless innovation and developments.
1990’s A Decade of Technology, Development and Restructuring
Kumho Tire established Research Institute and Global R&D center in Akron, U.S.A. and in Europe, respectively. Starting from 1990, research on racing tires, the world’s fourth Run-Flat tires, and the world’s first 32” Ultra high performance (UHP) tires were developed. Throughout this technological development period, today’s Kumho Tire are founded. In addition, a manufacturing facility was constructed in Nanjing, China to establish global production system as a Global Tire Brand.
1999 image 011999 image 02
Kumho Tire receives environment mark certificate (first among Korean tire manufacturers) -The Automatic
Production Unit (APU) developed
Kumho Tire develops run-flat tires (fourth among tire manufacturers in the world)
Kumho Construction becomes part of Kumho Tire and trade name is changed to Kumho Industry Co. Ltd.
Kumho Tire obtains QS 9000 certificate
1997 image
Kumho Tire receives a certificate for offering superb after-sales services (first among Korean tire manufacturers)
1996 image
Trade name changed into Kumho Tire Co., Ltd.
Kumho Tire certified to ISO 14001
1994 image
Kumho Tire certified to ISO 9001
1992 image
Kumho Tire joins Top 10 tire manufacturers in the world
1990 image
KATC (KUMHO America Technical Center) established